<tc>Sustainable Organic Perfumery</tc>

We are committed to recovering the traditions of wild culture and working exclusively with essences from nature. We produce in an artisan way, creating bio and organic products, to which we add a plant or flower of organic origin, controlling the process with doses of alcohol from sustainable agriculture.
In order to keep the purity of their content intact, we distribute them in plastic-free containers, made using an innovative manual method of corn packaging.
  • <tc>Bio/Organic Cologne Intense</tc>

    <tc>Bio/Organic Cologne Intense</tc>

    Fresh fragrances with organically grown essential oils.

    See Cologne Intense

  • <tc>Bio/Organic Body Milk</tc>

    <tc>Bio/Organic Body Milk</tc>

    Multivitaminic, they offer natural hydration. Suitable for all skin types.

    See Body Milk

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