<tc>Our history</tc>

More than four decades ago, in 1979, we began a journey towards the creation of colonies that fused freshness and environmental commitment. As professional perfumers, our passion is reflected in each delicate bottle, where sustainability and natural are a priority.

The bio/organic collection, credited to Jimmy Boyd and Jimmy Boyd Jr., consists of nine fragrances that represent unique emotions and vibrations. Each bottle is a portal to a personal journey, where the smell is not just a fragrance, but a story and a reflection of your being.

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Jimmy J. Boyd

James Boyd studied in Grasse (France) with his teacher Marcel Carles, who taught him the secrets of the trade.
For years he was the production director of Rochas parfums in Barcelona. Years later he became independent, collaborating in the design of lines for multinational companies.


Jimmy Boyd Jr.

Currently, Jimmy Boyd Jr. has taken up the baton of emotional perfumery discovered by his father, consolidating his perfume knowledge in a long period in Grasse (France). He picks up his father's legacy by developing new projects and as creative and commercial implementation manager.
He is currently creating numerous perfumes for prestigious brands, and collaborates in the implementation of his own lines, both in the national and international markets.

James J. Boyd

Creates the first alternative perfumery line “From the Garden” reaching markets such as the American and Japanese. Develops the first training courses for professional salespeople, including El Corte Inglés.

Professor of the perfumery course at the Mendez y Pelayo International University in Santander.

At the request of the Barcelona city council, it perfumes the Palace of Music with a capacity of 1,500 people for the international poetry festival.

She investigates the correlation of smell with personality, consulting more than 3,500 women in 5 years. As a result of this experience, she is inspired to write her book "My nose and I."

He participates in interviews in the press, radio and television and takes courses in his desire to disseminate author perfumery.