"The ideal perfume is one that connects with our interior, it is usually aligned with our values, feelings and memories.

Perfume should be the dress of our soul."

What is your idea?

Aromas for Brands

Forging of olfactory dreams

The creation of natural perfumes is an art that Jimmy Boyd 's perfume workshop has been cultivating with dedication for four decades. This trajectory has allowed him to outline a unique way of understanding perfume design , with a series of stylistic features common to all his works, namely:

A constant inventiveness , which translates into an unusual ability to turn the most diverse scenarios and inspirations into aromas.

A scrupulous environmental commitment , which is reflected in the choice of ingredients. All the house's perfumes are made with 100% organic elements. In no case are sulfates, parabens or substances that come from the animal world used.

The search for its own identity within the concept of Aromatherapy , betting on a vision of olfactory marketing in which perfume becomes an intense emotional vehicle. Each of the fragrances brings its own vibrations and sensations, from an oceanic calm to an energetic dynamism.

The love for Nature can be seen with special force in the Natural Collection , an anthology of seven varied essences in natural splash cologne format, and the BioDynamic Collection , which emphasizes the 100% organic origin and packaging of the fragrances. My Way also reflects various experiences and sensations that have left their mark on the author's life.